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About the Cafe

Pete stumbled across his Raw plant based food passion and has been able to sustain it as part of his healing journey and enquiry seeking health and healing, not just from his own experience but also from witnessing his siblings and friends illnesses and watching them as a result time and time again dying to young.  
Through his enquiry and discovery of Raw food along with other tools (mentioned below), he found another essential part of what tends to seem like a puzzle of how to reclaim a more authentic sense of self, freedom, joy & creativity and has supported people with some of his tools/protocols in their challenging illnesses "known as projects in jin shin jyutsu"

His exploration and embodiment within the Gourmet Raw plant based world led him to advocate and share nurture, health and a true wealth beyond himself to the public and festivals with an a holistic essence.
Through the Cafe, Pete aspires to bring his personal lifestyle and who he is with a few friends and people with similar interest in Raw plant based food living and healing.
His personal experiences has been a 15-year journey of the raw plant based/living foods adjacent with saunas, various detox protocols and fourteen years of taking the Simply Rawgeous gourmet cafe with workshops & the meltdown sauna, serving locally sourced veg aswell as with his own grown organic veg to festivals.

He introduces a deeper layer by combining his experience of astrology, re- birth breath work,  a certification from 16 years in the art of Jin shin Jyutsu and to add, the ultimate growth learning each time from being a father.

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